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Welcome to Craig's Online Astronomy Journal.

Hello(!) --but at this point (my first post to MOAJ), I am the welcome-ee --to this excellent web site/idea: a web place for astronomers, their projects and thoughts.
My first "observation" is that, this late in the year (August), my entries appear to only be the 2nd post for 2014 --!-- so what's wrong? This web site seems to be such a natural for us. For sure, I'll be doing my best to popularize MOAJ.
 9/9/2014 update: I realize now that only _observation_ entries show in the "Recently" box --and that this is what MOAJ is mostly about --and good/fine. Observation reports are what my aim point is as well --but I must confess to being more of an ATM/equipment guy at this point.
My discovery of MOAJ is timely, since I'm giving up my ISP of years standing, along with the 20 MB of free web space which came with it --which I've kept filled to near capacity. As for the astronomy and ATMing I've parked at my Charter account, I hope to find another venue in which to park it.
 9/9/2014 update: Seeing as how I can't upload images, except in the observation/journal section proper, best I do look for --not a "better", but a more appropriate alternative. I've been invited to contribute to "Night Sky Observer". We'll see if the guy who runs it (Gary) ends up shrinking from my rather primitive approaches to ATMing, observing and astrometry.

About Me
I'm 71, retired, with backgrounds in analog electronics, digital graphics, darkroom (chemical) photography, stereoscopy/stereography, optics and adult foster care. I have amateur backgrounds in radiation monitoring, primitive web weaving, simple ceramics, ATMing and (of course) astronomy --but I don't pose as being expert or up to date in any of these areas.

* Besides astronomy/ATM projects, I'm still quite active with stereography --being a circuit secretary for two sets of traveling folios --through the National Stereoscopic Association and the Stereoscopic Society of America --per:
>  (These pages will evaporate soon.)
* Another area of busy activity the past 3+ years has been radiation monitoring --in the aftermath of the Fukushima Daiichi disaster --per:
>  (Click that icon on the Oregon coast.)
* I've been trying to interest others in the virtues of "time capsuling" for 10 years with little success. Aside from the increasing urgency of sequestering cultural content and bridging to a hoped-for better future (however distant), TCing is a socially worthy undertaking, even in the best of times --and with no apparent "ELE" threats looming --per:
>  (and I wonder it I'll ever find a home for the content of that set of web pages.)

Favorite Sky Object
Of necessity, it's my northern sky, the polar region in particular. Not that it's very "interesting", but my impression is that this area, once the magnitude standard (re: the "North Polar Sequence") --(continued at bottom ^)
Experience: 10+ Years

Astrophotography: Yes, I do take pictures through my telescope

Where I live
Coos Bay, Or

Comments about where I live
I live near the coast of Oregon with my loving wife and under an urban sky --with a big light dome to our southern meridian, plenty of fog, clouds and bad seeing. I consider THIS, however, to be "the hand I've been dealt", and that I should "find happiness in my own back yard" --making the best of it. Traveling to find darker, clearer, higher altitude skies --whether to drive back dangerously exhausted the same night, or doing the grubby miserable camp out thing, strikes me as a terrible waste of time, resources and a comfortable bed at home.
^ "Favorite Sky Object" --continued:
--has been neglected in recent decades. Accordingly, I've made my own "NPS-2000", which I hope will be helpful as I get deeper into  observing variables and whatnot --per:

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