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Welcome to David's Online Astronomy Journal.

Welcome to my journal. I am newly returning to a lifelong interest in astronomy and with about a year of learning under my belt (6/2010) I am about to embark on an exploration of the possibilities of astrophotography. Those efforts will (probably painfully at first) be documented here!
I hope you all can learn from my many upcoming mistakes!

About Me


Favorite Sky Object
M51 for its shape and visually observable complexity.
M42 for its visually (barely) detectable color and photographically spectacular color and contrast.
I am certain these will be among my first imaged objects (As most do 8>

Experience: 1-2 Years

Astrophotography: Yes, I do take pictures through my telescope

Where I live
Portland, Or

Comments about where I live
Well it does rain a lot, but that makes it beautiful and green most of the time...
In the summer and occasionally in the winter we get glorious stretches of cloudless nights. I am looking forward to these!

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