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Welcome to George's Online Astronomy Journal.

Hello,Astronomer or amateur astronomer!!Welcome to my journal [not diary] I'm a teenager,and liked astronomy since 5 years old.i got a 78 astronomy book library,lots of astronomy software and downloads and tons of experience and knowledge about the human body,armed forces [specially navy seals] and my favorite astronomy. well,i'm a lunar observer [i observe the moon a lot!] and a planetary observer. Thanks if a least you spent time studying my journal you're always welcome to study it. I will mostly write of the Moon. Thanks again.

About Me
I'm 14,i'm cristian,and a amateur astronomer.I'm a very educated student and person.I'm a A-b student and artist[always get a's at that]. I live in Illinois,near Chicago.I'm a lunar observer,and owe a 8"inch dobsobian telescope and my dad has a homemade 18"dobsonian telescope,hia an amateure,too.Well if you want to know more about me or would like to talk add me in yahoo or contact me

Big lunar observer Amateur astronomer Planets and my favorite,Jupiter. stars,my favorite sirius a ,and all stars that are contained by the constellation Orion. the moon,nebulas,pulsars,and the milky-way.

Favorite Sky Object
The Moon and Jupiter are my most favorite because i like watching the moon's phases ,the moon's history,and brightness.The moon is my favorite moon. Jupiter is my favorite planet,i like its moons,it's color,size,and mysteries it has.

Experience: 5-10 Years

Astrophotography: No, I do not take pictures through my telescope

Where I live
Chicago, US

Comments about where I live
I live in a big house that has a giant yard big enough for my telescope and my dad's 18"inch dobsonian telescope.

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