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Welcome to Kevin's Online Astronomy Journal.

It was a friend of mine who got me thinking about keeping a journal, and it was a stumble across this site that set it into motion. Though my passion for Astronomy usually leads to many a night alone, at the eyepeice, enjoying all the heavens have to offer, I tend to feel the best things in life should be shared. In reading my forthcoming entries I hope to project some of the magic I feel.
Clear skies,

About Me
I'm an extremely proud father of a, currently 2 year old, daughter with another on the way. My love of Astronomy started when I was in junior high in great thanks to a teacher of mine. He noticed that I had a particular interest in astronomy when he was teaching space sciences and asked me if I had a telescope. At this time I did not, so he asked if I would like to come to his place one night and view through his 13" dob that he ground himself. With my parents permision I was there the first clear night. After explaining a little about his telescope he moved it around and asked me to look into the eyepiece... it was Saturn, and to this day i can close my eyes and picture it like it was yesterday.


Favorite Sky Object

Experience: 10+ Years

Astrophotography: Yes, I do take pictures through my telescope

Where I live
Winnipeg, Ma

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