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Welcome to Larry's Online Astronomy Journal.

 Welcome to my newly started online journal. I have just gotten back to astronomy and astrophotography after a 45 year absence from being active in either hobby. I intend to document my learning experiences as I face the challenges of good astrophotos!

About Me
 I am a retired Caterpillar employee and with the extra time on my hands I decided to revisit my high school and college hobby of astronomy and taking photographs of the sky. I researched all the new technology that is available in telescopes, mounts, software, guiding, etc. and after 9 months have finally jumped in and purchased the equipment I plan to use to learn all about this challenging adventure in the heavens!

 My favorite past time is to lie out under the stars, just gazing up at the constellations and watching for the occasional meteor to streak overhead. And I truly enjoy showing constellations and the moon and planets to young kids (and old kids too for that matter) hoping that maybe I might play a small role in inspiring them to become scientists.

Favorite Sky Object
 The coolest thing in the sky is the Milky Way, one huge sky object! I love looking from the inside out of a spiral galaxy and especially enjoy the Sagittarius region knowing that I am looking right into the heart of our galaxy and visualizing t

Experience: 10+ Years

Astrophotography: Yes, I do take pictures through my telescope

Where I live
Putnam, Il

Comments about where I live
 I live on a small lake near Putnam, IL and we have a decent dark sky. On clear summer nights, the Milky Way stands out beautifully in the southern sky and the Andromeda Galaxy is an easy visual target. I do get some low level light pollution from Peoria which is about 45 miles south. But overall, it is a great observing location and good for photography!

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