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Welcome to West's Online Astronomy Journal.

"He who better understands the world around him, better understands his place in it."

About Me
Not really sure what to put here.  Got hooked on astronomy as a child (around 11-12 I think) and have been interested in it ever since.  Had a small telescope as a child but had it stolen from me.  Only just now purchasing a telescope (27 now) and have since had my interests, like a phoenix, re-flamed.  Very laid back and EXTREMELY open minded.  Deep thinker at times (sometimes I think you HAVE to be to understand astronomy).  The rest is open for discussion. =)

Well.... astronomy obviously. =)
I'm a pretty hard-core gamer.
Martial Artists.
Amateur drummer.
Hacky Sack.
I play MTG a lot.

Favorite Sky Object
I wrote out a HUGE answer before this one... but apparently it doesn't allow for much text.  So I'll just keep it simple and say the Pleiades Cluster.... ask me for details if you're interested in why.

Experience: 1-2 Years

Astrophotography: Yes, I do take pictures through my telescope

Where I live
Fort Wayne, In

Comments about where I live
Not really sure where to go to set this beast up, to be honest.  Every place I can think of comes with the image of some flippin' cop rolling up and giving me heck about loitering or something..... Amish country, here I come. =)

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