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Welcome to Elizabeth's Online Astronomy Journal.

Hi! I'm Elizabeth aka adastragrl. Found this site and I like the approach... a structured blog. I do have a blog page, website, FB, MySpace, wiki... I'm also hoping to maybe enter in my old journal entries from my various notebooks...

About Me My personal site and has  most of the info.

Well, I like sharing the night sky with people! I work at an observatory (although I don't get to observe as much as I would like now that I'm married!) as well as doing website stuff for some NASA missions. My university paygrade title is Faculty Research Assistant, but I'm more of an Education/Public Outreach (EPO)  Specialist.

Along the lines of sharing, I've tried to embrace all the various new technologies, so I have lots of websites with no way to really keep all of them up to date. So forgive me if this one does not get the attention it deserves, but I will try.

Favorite Sky Object
I like Albireo. It's so simple to find and the blue and the gold... As a child I read through Burnham's Celestial Handbook (that 3-vol set... yes, I was a geek!) and really like the description of a "sapphire and topaz on black velvet." Okay, may

Experience: 10+ Years

Astrophotography: Yes, I do take pictures through my telescope

Where I live
Alexandria, VA

Comments about where I live
Living inside the Beltway around DC pretty much means that observing is rare because of the light pollution. At the same time, I get out so rarely, that exploring the bright objects each time is not boring. And I can do some imaging (CCDs, DSLRs, short exposures)... The trick is to know what is doable and there is still lots to do even in light polluted skies!
I am fortunate to live in a highrise condo and have access to a sundeck on the roof which gives a pretty good horizon line. It also means that I'm above most direct street lights. In fact, the only lights I have to shield against are the bright red lights on the building corners that warn off airplanes! Well, okay, there are some others and the general glow from DC is enough to cast shadows, but if I don't setup the scope too high, the deck walls block the lights.

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