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Welcome to George's Online Astronomy Journal.

 welcome....astronomers.!! i'm a intermediate amateur astronomer,from Chicago,Illinois.I likely observe the skies everyday [if the sky is clear]. I will post what i will see and what i think to expect.the weather,status,temperature,and more... i'm experienced and truthful,so welcome,again.    ADD ME ON FACEBOOK!GEORGE HILARIO

About Me
 i like astronomy since i was 6 years old,learning as much as i can through news,books,internet and more.i'm not a astronomer's just my way of living at night. them stars give you a goodfeeling and goodmood. but seeing thousands of stars up at the mountains changes everything. you are welcome to tell me anything. 

 i'm certainly interested in  deepsky,planets,stars and almost all astronomy observable objects,except infa-red,cosmology and more.

Favorite Sky Object
 my favorite ORION!!!
my favorite planet is Jupiter,Saturn and Earth.
My favorite galaxy is The Androm

Experience: 10+ Years

Astrophotography: No, I do not take pictures through my telescope

Where I live
chicago, Il

Comments about where I live
 i live near the city,here there is a large amount of light,but i live in a quite peaceful place,not a lot of light [since i changed the whole lights with special ones].I'm the only amateur astronomer in the block.

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