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Welcome to James's Online Astronomy Journal.

Welcome to my journal and this website which I think is pretty cool.

About Me
I'm 44 years, married with 4 kids, live in a small town with 2500 people in NW PA not to far from Cherry Springs one of the darkest areas on the east coast. I'm really into star gazing but have been away for about 10 years due to fact of having young kids. But now they're alittle older and I have them interested,which is great because I do not have to sit by myself all night.

I like anything regarding space: sci-fi, the stars , the planets, DSO's. Also like camping,hiking, and sports. I.m interested in astrophography but I'm taking it slow. My wife has a Canon 20d and it takes great pics. I'm still trying to figure some things out!

Favorite Sky Object
I don't know if it is my favorite or I just like looking for it ,but M51 the Whirlpool Galaxy right by Alkaid in Ursa Major is cool. I like searching for all the Messier objects, but probably Saturn and Jupiter are my favorites. It seems every time

Experience: 2-4 Years

Astrophotography: Yes, I do take pictures through my telescope

Where I live
Emporium, Pa

Comments about where I live
I live in NW PA where ther are 2500 people in Emporium and 5500 people in Cameron County. I have pretty dark skies right in my backyard if my neighbors turn there porch lights off. If they are not cooperative , then I can go to Cherry Springs(60 miles) or I can go to a Elk viewing place called Look Out Rd.(18 miles) or one other place about 10 miles away another look out on State game lands. Over all a couple of real dark sky locations.

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