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Welcome to Biswajit 's Online Astronomy Journal.

  For a long time I have been searching a site like this one which can give me an opportunity to place my astronomy observation reports, photos, and findings, share knowledge with others. Finally I have got it.  All visitors are welcome to go through the pages of my journal and put their constructive comments if necessary so that it would modify and enrich myself.
  I would like to thank Mr. Neil Heacock for opening this site.


About Me
  I am a school teacher in Geography.
  I have been watching sky for last 14 years. However,  I had a 60 mm refractor and a 10x50 binocular, both of which  accompanied my eyes and helped me to begin sky observation. At present I have purchased a 150 mm refractor with equatorial mount. On my proposal an astronomy club SNAP (STUDY OF NATURE AND ASTRONOMY FOR PEOPLE) was established on 22 July, 2009 at my town.
  I am living with my wife and a daughter of class IV.
  I was interested in astronomy in 1985,  reading a book on astronomy written by Ramatosh Sarkar, the Ex. Director of Birla Planetarium, Calcutta,  when I was a student of class IX.

I have diversified interests which may be mentioned point wise as follows:
Sky Watching, Bird's voice recording, Music composing, Photography of Herbs, Weather monitoring, Carrying out experiments on meteorological problems and  related instrument building at low cost. 

Favorite Sky Object
Out of 4 favourite sky objects the top-listed two are  Moon and Pleiades.   The reasons are as follows: