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Welcome to Eric's Online Astronomy Journal.

Howdy to all that read this. I'm not sure just yet what all I'll post here but hopefully it will progress asthe weather clears and I get more observing time in.

About Me
My astronomy interests at this time are visual observing. In the past I tried getting into astro photography but sitting at a computer all day long kind of tainted the idea of relaxation behind an eyepiece. At this time, I don't want any computers around while observing, just me, the telescope, a star chart and my finder scope.I just point the telescope by hand to find the objects in the sly. No computers, no drive motors, nothing.
My current telescope is a modified 16" Meade Lightbridge reflector. I've added an 80mm finder scope to help find the faint fuzzy objects and re made the base to function better. It's a pretty decent scope but as with most mass-market telescopes is suffers from cheap optics to keep the costs down.
I have aspirations of building a 25" scope in the near future based on Dave Kreige's book, The Dobsonian Telescope. I'm not sure when I can afford to purchase the mirrors but I can dream and start the design until then. I have started to design the telescope using my handy dandy 3-d CAD program, Solidworks. Yes, I'll probably add digital setting circles, ie, a computer and possibly a drive system to track the sky as Earth rotates.


What else do I enjoy? Well, I'm a gearhead at heart, so cars and motorcycles are high up on the list. I am in the process of tearing a car completely apart and rebuilding/modding it. Hopefully it will be done in another year. As I am doing all the work myself I have much to learn about painting, welding, etc. Wish me luck!
I'm also a pretty decent photographer and concentrate mostly on landscape photos and such. You can check out my photo site on facebook

Favorite Sky Object
I dig finding globular clusters of stars and they really jump out at ya with the 16" scope. I'm sure the 25" will be all that much better! Can't wait!
M13 is probably my favorite cluster. Messier #13 is the

Experience: 10+ Years

Astrophotography: No, I do not take pictures through my telescope

Where I live
Washougal, WA

Comments about where I live
I am blessed with where I live. My wife and I found a great place to live up near Mt. Norway in Washougal, Wa. Our skies are dark and we have a decent view of the night sky.

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