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Welcome to Hans K.'s Online Astronomy Journal.

Hi all. I found out about this site a few day back. It's rather cool to read about other folks endavours in astronomy, so I felt I could share some of mine too.

About Me
Nearly 4 years back I got a telescope for my 40th birthday. The scope was a present from the entire family. They could not possible have concidered the consequences. I have been interested in the skies above since I watched the Apollo 11 landing as an 8 year old kid, but have never got myself to invest in a decent telescope. And then I suddenly got one! Within the next weeks this long dormant interrest totally consumed all available time. (My wife though I went completely nuts - which I probably did.) All clear nighs was spent observing. All others wading through all available information in books and on the Internet. We'll I'm still a quite nutty about astronomy but at least I try as good as I can to restrict myself and spend time with my dearest - my wife and kids.

I have been working with computers since the late 70's and still do. Too much I believe. Have been trough all the grief with "mouse arm", CTS and similar stuff. Due to hard training, this is basically OK now, but still there latent unless I do exercises a couple of hours each week. Currently I'm programming on (and managing programming of) Norman Virus Control (See I have done this since 1995. Then the kids takes their time. There are two of them, both girls, age 12 and 15. The rest of my spare time is spent mostly on astronomy-related stuff. I'm observing when I can, either from our back yard or from a dark site which is about 20 minutes drive away. Otherwise I'm involved in the local schools marching band where both my kids plays (flute and clarinet).

Favorite Sky Object
Jupiter: When I first sighted one of the moons transitions over the Jupiter disk I was sold. A darker "hole" cannot be imagined.

Experience: 2-4 Years

Astrophotography: Yes, I do take pictures through my telescope

Where I live
Oslo, No

Comments about where I live
Oslo is a small city to be a capital but the light pollution is quite severe. In addition we often have northern lights. On certain nights these two factors combines to gives a completely washed out sky where only the brightest objects can bee seen. In addition the winter is cold. Today (December 6th) we have +2 celcius, but often it can drop down to -10 or more seldomly -20. In the summer the sun barely goes under the horizon giving the typical northern summer nights. Very nice for strolling, barbequing and drinking beer but most of May, June, July and half of August are just too light for doing serious observation. In the fall it rains a lot. So during a full year we have about 20 nights that can be used for serious observation :-(. But we're are struggling to get the most out of what we have!

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