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Welcome to Jeremy's Online Astronomy Journal.

About Me
I moved to Gibsons BC canada 6 years ago, I have always had an interest in Astronomy but never had the opportunity to persue. Last Nov I started auditing university coarses online and had a great time with free education. Recently I completed Astrophysics at Yale with prof Charles Baylin and have now moved on to UC Berkeley with Alex Phillipenko ( what a great and fun speaker ) I hope to explore in detail just about everything I can, and look forward to all the tips and tricks you guys have accumulated over the years.

Jupiters 63 satalites ( even though I can't see them ) and all Galaxys,Nebulas

Favorite Sky Object
So far m109

Experience: < 1 Year

Astrophotography: No, I do not take pictures through my telescope

Where I live
Gibsons, BC

Comments about where I live

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