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Welcome to Jim's Online Astronomy Journal.

About Me
My interest in astronomy goes back to grade school (many, many years ago!) and while hobbies have come and gone my interest in the night sky has remained.  I recently purchased a Celestron Nexstar 8SE and joined the Rose City Astronomers club in Portland OR.  I hope that by journalling I'll learn more and track my progress.   

Camping, hiking, kiting and geocaching.

Favorite Sky Object
Only one?  Within the solar system it has to be Saturn.  Naked eye viewing has to be the Pleiades for their beauty and DSO is, so far, M42.

Experience: 1-2 Years

Astrophotography: No, I do not take pictures through my telescope

Where I live
Camas, WA

Comments about where I live
The PacNW can be a challenge for stargazers due to the frequent overcast.  But when it's clear... :-)
However, you can't beat the area for the beach, the mountains, and the climate.

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