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Welcome to Mohammed's Online Astronomy Journal.

You are wecome to the OLD FORESTER SITE. I use the common stars for deciding on the cultivation seasons, harvesting and when to sow seeds of all varieties in my country.
I uses the simple traditional location and movement of the known stars in our Sky.
As you may knew, The Sudan is The Lragest Country that lies in the Heart of Africa, the Jiant most old of civilizations calimed so far, and this is usually justified bt escavations made in the Nile Valley and so far, the oldest minkind is claimed to be descending from the land. Some people claim Ethiopia, the neghbouring country to be the holder of this honour, but we are the same country before the recent division of the new country borders after the colonizers have left early this century.

About Me
I live in the Northern State of the Sudan at the great bend of the Nile at Ed Debba town, the old ruins of OLD DUNGLA are just 25 kms upstream on the eastern bank of the River Nile.
To the east north, upstream you travel 120 kms to arrive to the ancient Pyramids of Tehraga at El Berkel Mountain. This is where the famous Nubian OLD MERWOE Ferhos were barried and still all Pyramids exist but some of them are heavely erroded.
A lot of Myths about these old sites turn round in the villages around and you can hear a lot about underground tunnels dug between the Pyramids and the river, for what no one can give a precise explanation.

The most favourable intersts include following the stars by night and follow their movement around the year. As well the big News of stars movements similar information are the best favoured all times.
Reading local novels and most preferred the legendary that conatin facts that are more close to the imaginary world are the best. Why not, since we know very little about our own planet, in that sence we have to feel ignorant and accept every spoken tales as we cannot prove the full reality.

Favorite Sky Object
The Scorpion as we see it very clear with our clear sky almot throughout the year.
The diamond group to the South horizon is one of the best after the North Cross as both dermine directions for all those who travel by n

Experience: 10+ Years

Astrophotography: No, I do not take pictures through my telescope

Where I live
Sudan, No

Comments about where I live
The Sand Dunes are the major fearture that dominate our land scape. The full moon nights are glimmering with sandy quartz particles. The darks nights are more beutiful where teh stars can give the full light that enable anyone to move around.
The village nights are very lively with the kids playing traditional games around, old women and men gather for chatting and telling stories and this goes on and on until all feel a desrire to sleep and they slip gradually back home.

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