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Welcome to Bert's Online Astronomy Journal.

This is my journal,probably woefully inadequate compared to some of you who have journals as well :P 

About Me
 I'm a 51 year old hick from West Virgina who has re-entered Astronomy this past July 2006 partly because of my mother(who died in 2004 but loved talking about Astronomy),and partly because I wanted to see the things I've been dreaming  of since when I was a child.

My interests are mainly computers since 1974("played" with mainframes in college),programming in C++ and some Visual Basic,and Astronomy of course :P 

Favorite Sky Object
The first object I ever saw with my scope was Jupiter,but I'd have to say for now it is Saturn since the rings made my wife go "WOW" in sign language(wished my mother would have seen this) 

Experience: 1-2 Years

Astrophotography: No, I do not take pictures through my telescope

Where I live
Fayetteville, We

Comments about where I live
It's a small town whose only claim to fame is the new river gorge bridge and to a smaller extent,it's high water bills :P 

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