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My Online Astronomy Journal is a community based web site for amateur astronomers to journal their starry observations. These astronomy journals of our observation sessions are public so we can all read about what each other is doing and learn from each other's experiences.

Free Membership
If you are interested in becoming a member of the Online Astronomy Journal community, the signup process is free and simple.

We are looking to grow our database of amateur astronomy observation information!

Observation Session Journals
My Online Astronomy Journal members share their observation experiences. Get information on what to expect from various equipment and various seeing conditions for looking at certain objects. As a member, you can track your growth and experience as well as just making an astronomical diary of your starry observations.

Astronomy Clubs
If you have a local astronomy club (or more than one) please add it by following the navigation link to "Astronomy Clubs". There, you can let others know about astronomy clubs in your area. You do not need to be a member of My Online Astronomy Journal to submit a Local Astronomy Club.

Observation Sites
If you have a favorite dark sky location or observatory you like to go to observe, unless it's a big secret, share that location with others in your area. With everyone contributing, we will eventually build a database of worldwide dark sky locations. You do not need to be a member of My Online Astronomy Journal to submit a Dark Sky Observation Site

User Contributed Astronomy Tips
As a member of My Online Astronomy Journal, you can share your secrets with other amateur astronomers. Categories include: Scope Tips, Mount Tips, Photography Tips, Accessory Tips, Observation Tips, Logging/Journaling Tips, and more! To read contributed tips you do not need to be a member.

If you have a resource, or magazine you'd like to add to the list, please email the administrator.
Recently Added/Updated:
Journal Entries
 Phil  10/30/2017 
 nheacock  10/30/2017 
 mjcscoping  10/22/2015 
 mjcscoping  10/19/2015 
 Observer1975  09/29/2015 
 nheacock  09/21/2015 
 nheacock  08/24/2015 
 nheacock  07/20/2015 
 nheacock  06/15/2015 
 Nightskyaddict  06/10/2015 

Recently Added: Tips
 Getting my bearings at MOAJ
 Long Exposure Astrophotography Guides
 My approach to becoming an astrophotographer
 Drift Alignment using PHD
 Image Stabilizer
 One star could be two, and two stars could be one!
 Do Not always Trust What you see
 T-Ring Wiggle

Recently Added:
Astronomy Clubs
 Mount Diablo Astronomy Association
 Concord, CA USA
 Ventura County Astronomical Society
 Simi Valley, Ca USA
 Astronomers of Verde Valley
 Cottonwood, AZ USA
 Bays Mountain Astronomy Club
 Kingsport, TN USA
 Astronomical Society of Kansas City
 Kansas City, MO USA
 Eugene Astronomical Society
 Eugene, OR USA
 Amboy Astronomy Club
 Amboy, WA USA
 Grants Pass Astronomers
 Grants Pass, OR USA
 Amateur Observers' Society of NY
 Hempstead, NY USA
 Northwest Astronomy Group
 Vernonia, OR USA

Recently Added:
Observation Sites
 Savery Stock Drive
 Savery, WY USA
 Two Trees Observing Site
 Sedona, AZ USA
 Butte Hill
 Woodland, WA USA
 Lahar Viewpoint
 Cougar, WA USA
 Camp Hancock Field Station (OMSI Science Camp)
 Clarno, OR USA
 Larch Mountain
 Mt Hood Nat'l Forest, OR USA
 Indian Trail Spring
 Ochoco Nat'l Forest, OR USA

Online Astronomy Resources
 The Astronomical League
 Cloudy Nights
 Clear Sky Clock
 The Belmont Society
 Lowell Bradford Astronomy Resources
 (Thanks Julie!)
 Kids Space Center - Telescopes
 and Astronomy
 (Thanks Rachel!)

Astronomy Magazines
 Sky and Telescope
 Astronomy Magazine

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