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• 09/05/09
Saturday, September 5th, 2009
The Spirit of 76

Remember my earlier posts of my 6 inch f 8 dob that I was resurrecting? Well she is almost finished! I was out at a customers place a few weeks back and I noticed a stack of blue 8" plastic water pipe and I said, "Hey, can I buy a foot long piece of that?" he said, "No, but you can have a piece".  Long story short, it fits like a glove over the tube. So I taped from the inside of the tube, the piece that I had cut off back in June, and slipped the foot long chunk of quarter wall 8" tubing that I had painted white by this time and presto! Instant fix. Epoxy it into place and 3 screws on each end to hold it just because...  Did my measuring by seat of the pants for the primary mirrors new location (actually I wrapped the mount in black tape and slipped it back and forth up the tube with the focuser at 50% extended with a 32mm lens mounted.) when it was crystal clear, I marked the location and drilled the mounting holes. Mounted my recycled plastic fence lens rack and installed my Telrad finder and collimated it best I could and put her on the deck for a look see.. Nice... I have christened her Spirit of 76 after the color scheme I chose. Just need to put the teflon tape in a few places, install the straps and springs for the hold downs and its off to dark skies.

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On 09/05/09 at 10:57pm andy wrote:
thanks guys, appreciate it. Im going to try to get with shannon tomorrow to finish the collimation

On 09/05/09 at 07:30pm Barry wrote:
Very nice! A handsome, white, and blue and all. The workmanship looks first rate.

I have been thinking about turning my 12" Dob into a Truss-Dob with a new base, but haven't had the courage to attempt it.....maybe this winter.

On 09/05/09 at 07:11pm Jeff W wrote:
Awesome Andy, building a scope is something id love to try, just not sure im up to being as precise as I need to be. I'd love to try grinding my own blank for a mirror but im sure id screw that up, lol. The scope looks good, congrats and good viewing.

Jeff W.

On 09/05/09 at 06:26pm Neil Heacock wrote:
Nice Andy. She's real purdy lookin'. Congratulations on a job well done!


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