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• 02/07/11
Monday, February 7th, 2011
††† I did not see much tonight because of the city lights and very cloudy to. But I did get to see the waxing crescent moon. And it was cool. I was not happy to see just the moon out tonight, but I hope that tomorrow I get to see stars in the sky and planets like Jupiter or Venus.†
†††††Not much to talk about in the tonightís observation because I didnít see much outside. I only saw the Waxing crescent moon that was barely showing because of all the clouds in front of them. I was not very surprised to what I got to see because I just hoped that I would see something amazing tonight. But this is winter NOT SUMMER. In the summer is when you really go out and do some observation on what you saw outside, because It is a lot warmer, the weather is a lot calmer, and the land will be green and not white so that means I can stand were ever I want to during the summer than the winter.


On 02/19/11 at 07:18am Sun19 wrote:
Hi Dr. Astrology. My real name is moise.

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