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• 08/13/06
Sunday, August 13th, 2006
11:45pm PST
11:45pm PST
I scour my Sky & Telescope from cover to cover every month. It's the most read magazine in my house next to my husband's PC Gamer.

In the September issue on page 65 is an article entitled "Foxfire Nights". In it they talk about the different "deep sky wonders" within the constellation, Vulpecula, the Fox, which is right inside the Summer Triangle (Vega, Deneb and Altair).

Inside the triangle, about 8 below Albeiro is an asterism called Collinder 399 - more commonly known as Brocchi's Cluster or the Coathanger. A man in Germany calls it the Ski Lift because in the Northern Hemisphere the bar of the Coathanger looks more like the cable on a ski lift and the hook looks like the chair, because it's that side up when using binoculars.

Well, after reading the article, I had to search for this asterism myself. At 11:45pm PST on Sunday night I hopped back out of bed, into a pair of slippers and out the back door. After one glance up I knew I'd have to use my binoculars, just like the article said. The light pollution here is too bad to see it with the naked eye. Using my 10 x 50 Orion binoculars, I first searched out Vega to get my bearings. Then I followed it over to Cygnus and down the row of stars to Albeiro. From Albeiro I scanned downward slowly because I knew 8 isn't that far. cool! Another sight to add to my ever growing, albeit slowly, astrojournal.


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