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• 10/30/17
Monday, October 30th, 2017
Initial log entry.
I am putting together a new mobile observatory to be housed in the back of a 5th-wheel RV.  Most of the parts are on hand but a significant amount of assembly is still undone.
The platform is a JMI heavy-duty six wheel wheely-bar which has been assembled and is completed with the exception of a small lower shelf to hold power equipment.
A Meade tripod, originally part of an RCX-400 system, will sit on the wheely-bar.  The original legs will be replaced with lighter, fixed length aluminum pipe sections.  These sections, which are already made, will be fitted to the Meade tripod head.  An adapter plate has been fabricated and mounted on the top of the tripod head with an Astro-Physics flat-surface adapter ring attached to it to accept an AP1100GTO mount.
The lower part of the AP1100 with CP4 (HA drive) has been mounted to the flat surface adapter ring.
Still in boxes are the upper Dec part of the mount, the weight bar, the weights, the saddle plate, the polar scope, the keypad, the focuser, the camera, and the AT10RCT telescope.  Also on hand is a regulated 12v 25a power supply, and an ST-80/Starlight Express for use as a guider if the guider built into the STL-6303e is inadequate.  I did not use the internal guider in a previous fixed observatory.    
The project is on hold right now while I am doing some work on the RV rear area to accommodate the observatory.
The concept is to be able to roll the telescope out to a site near the RV and control it from a computer station inside the RV.
Weather is also a problem here in the Front Range of Colorado.  However, I expect to be in southern Arizona with the RV this coming February and March where I hope to complete the project.    

On 10/30/17 at 01:04pm Neil Heacock wrote:
Wow Phil! This sounds like an amazing project. Can't wait to see pictures and hear more about the progress.


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