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• 08/24/10
Tuesday, August 24th, 2010
Normally don't do any Lunar photo's, (have done a few partial phase one's), yet never tried Full Moon. So, since this object is the only thing really worth capturing when it's washing out everything else, decided to have a go. Used the LPI with a moon filter in the 8" f/4 Schmidt Newtonian. The target wasn't really "up" (high in the sky), but did get some good results.
All pic's are 6 individuals, layered/overlayed in Photoshop. Each one is the same as the first. The first is as it came from the Camera, nothing done to "enhance" the image(s).

On 08/28/10 at 01:03am Neil Heacock wrote:
Hello Tom,

Nice shot there! I like the labeled on in particular. Nicely done there.

I haven't commented on your other shots, but they are great in my opinion! It's not too often you see a picture of Uranus. I think you captured it quite well. And your Jupiter with the Galilean satellites is fantastic. I'm hoping to get into some lunar and planetary imaging myself, but I just haven't got around to it yet.

Thanks so much for sharing.


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