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• 05/30/09
Saturday, May 30th, 2009
 Well last night was pretty cool. I went out with my telescope and aimed it at the moon to take some pictures. I got a lot but my best will be in the pictur gallery for this session. what really caught my eyes, were the craters theophilus, cyrillus, and catharina. they are pretty much in the middle of the moon, so i aimed my telescope at them for a best picture.
I didn't use my dad's camera software, i had to do it all manualy like i did with my old telescope. im getting kinda tired of taking pictures manualy so i think next time i will use my dad's camera software.
Oh i forgot to say i got a picture of saturn last night manualy, and i have to say. it was pretty dang good. but to even get a good picture i had to use my 7.5mm eyepiece with my 2x barlow to get a good picture. doing it manualy makes the picture smaller so that was the disadvantige of getting a pic. of saturn. but if you looked throught the telescope without the camera it wouldn't be all that clear but it would be really really close up on saturn. my picture of saturn will be in the picture gallery as well as the moon picture.
pictures of last nights targets--------  

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Saturn 1c Saturn 2

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On 09/20/09 at 09:40pm Wendy wrote:
Isn't Saturn the best? So interesting and cool. Tony, I think it is great that you are interested in astronomy like your dad. Way cool!

On 05/31/09 at 12:31pm Miquel wrote:
Hi Tony,

I just leaved feedback for Barry, and then I found your picture. It is exceptional too! I love it!

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