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• 10/16/15
Friday, October 16th, 2015

-Decided that, except for conjunctions, moon viewing, and other transient events, I'll work one constellation at a time, starting around Polaris and working my way outward. I'm comfortable with aligning and am learning various bright stars as I re-align every time, but I don't want to learn to rely on the GoTo completely. In each constellation I'll look as far as I can to determine how many total stars I can record, and Ms and NGCs, etc. Gaining a true record of visible magnitudes from each location (Tammy's, Collum, etc.) will be helpful in deciding whether or not to spend time looking for something.
-Hoping Tammy will give me permission to mark three dots on the deck so that I can just use Last Align. 
-Perfectly clear all night.
-Plan was to starhop to the Ring Nebula and M56 globular cluster for the first time, and the conjunction of Mars/Jupiter/Venus
-In Lyra
-Halfway between Sheliak and Sulafat
----Didn't view very long after aligning, didn't see it immediately from GoTo
-M56 Globular Cluster
-In Lyra
-Draw a line from Sheliak to Sulafat, continue to bright star Albireo.
-M56 sits halfway between Sulafat and Albiero
--------Didn't view very long after aligning.

-Jupiter, Mars, Venus all brightly together in the East
-Started at 
-Took picture at 7:45am with phone. Venus is visible at +40 21' Mars and Venus were still naked eye visible but don't show up in the picture.
Very clearly saw J and Ms together in the 20mm. No surface features of M. (SkyPortal shows its N ice cap as visible.)
-Am still not aligning perfectly every time. 

-Become proficient in aligning quickly.
-Which eyepieces are best for aligning. Worth buying an eyepiece with crosshairs?
-Determine the obstruction altitudes from deck. Trees, houses.

-Celestron 17 power pack
-EarthSky Planishpere/redlight/atlas/book on binocular viewing.


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