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• 04/09/06
Sunday, April 9th, 2006
BIG jump in time between entries.  The long and short of it is a combination of bad weather and change in job scheduals.  Still trying to get the hang of the handheld.  Best warp value I got was -1.4 using Sirius and Polaris.  Day was amazingly clear so I left my scope outside all day to get adjusted to the temperature, but as night approached, a thin layer of clouds settled in giving a hazy apperance to the sky.  Still setup in the parking lot in front of my house.
Mizar and Alcor - Seperated Mizar's double as well.  Colors not noted.  Used 25 mm.
Saturn - With both eyepieces I was able to see the A ring, Cassini's Division, and the B ring.  Also saw banding on the planet itself.  Was able to see 2 of the moons:  Tethys and Dione.  One of the best sightings of Saturn yet.


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