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• 11/24/09
Tuesday, November 24th, 2009
Just dated the death of the Roman emperor Augustus from a total solar eclipse, using open source planetarium software. 

On 06/14/10 at 01:14pm richherleikson wrote:
NASA models this total solar eclipse at:

NASA November 24, 29 CE []

The November 24, 29 CE total solar eclipse modeled at the NASA website passes through Germany, Romania, Turkey and Syria.

The November 24, 29 CE total solar eclipse modeled in Stellarium (open source planetarium software) passes through Spain, Algeria, Libya and Egypt.

On 06/12/10 at 06:38pm richherleikson wrote:
A "total" solar eclipse within the Roman Empire is a rare event, unlike lunar eclipses, which are much more frequent. This one in particular spanned the Roman Empire from Spain to Egypt, from 11:15 UTC until 13:00 UTC. It was also a broad total solar eclipse, with a total eclipse of the Sun reaching as far as plus or minus one degree in latitude from its center.

4030'00''N, 1000'00''W 11:10 UTC
3630'00''N, 500'00''W 11:20 UTC
3300'00''N, 030'00''W 11:30 UTC
3000'00''N, 300'00''E 11:40 UTC
2800'00''N, 630'00''E 11:50 UTC
2600'00''N, 930'00''E 12:00 UTC
2400'00''N, 1300'00''E 12:10 UTC
2300'00''N, 1630'00''E 12:20 UTC
2200'00''N, 2000'00''E 12:30 UTC
2100'00''N, 2400'00''E 12:40 UTC
2100'00''N, 2830'00''E 12:50 UTC
2200'00''N, 3500'00''E 13:00 UTC

On 06/09/10 at 02:04pm richherleikson wrote:
The total solar eclipse was November 24, 29 CE at the following coordinates:

3211′34N 100′00E, 11:34 UTC
2511'24N 1200'00E, 12:07 UTC

Which dates the death of Augustus to August 19, 30 CE (described in the book "Jesus was 61"). [Also in the book are other signs in the heavens dating the birth and crucifixion of Christ Jesus].

On 06/08/10 at 03:18pm Neil Heacock wrote:
What was the date?

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