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• 08/09/11
Tuesday, August 9th, 2011
Spent the evening testing my mount for problems in dec. About two weeks ago I was guiding well enough to take 10 min. images without trailing. Last week I was lucky to get to 90 seconds without trailing! I tried just about everything I could to fix the problem that appeared to come from nowhere without much luck. Then, almost magically, I noticed that my polar alignment scope was a bit out of focus and nothing I did would re-focus it.
Once I opened the alignment scope up I discovered that the internal disc had fallen out of place! My mount was not aligned with the alignment scope! I was able to correct that last night and tonight I was able to guide on a star for ~5 minutes with no problems in dec. I think I could have gone longer, but the USB port on my laptop quit on me again. Can't wait for the new netbook to arrive!
I hope to be able to image again once the full moon passes.


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