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• 06/29/06
Thursday, June 29th, 2006
Noticed that accorind to the sky charts, right at dusk there was the possibility of spotting 4 planets.  Jupiter was high and bright and easily located.  After staring at the western sky for a long while, I finally spotted one small speck of light.  I located the target in the finderscope and discovered the tiny speck was Saturn.  I was hoping to catch a glimpse of Mercury, but it happens that the west is directly back over the lights of the city, so no dice.  Can't say that I was completely dissappointed though.  Viewing Saturn is always a favorite of mine.  My step-kids and a friend were out and they got to see.  The "sleepover friend" was impressed and my stepson's reaction was "it looks like the sticker".  I laughed.  I had pointed out Jupiter earlier, so they wanted to see.  I know we saw 3 moons, and possibly the fourth.  I spotted Mars dimly shining in the west, but I was urged to let the kids see the moon, so we went that way.  Again, the "sleepover friend" was very impressed that he could actually see the craters, but he wanted to watch to see a meteor hit the moon.
My observing was cut short at that point when the boys decided that it was more fun to swing the scope around as fast as they could to see if it would spin...Or try to spot an airplane with it.  Hopefully clear skies will remain in the area for a while and I will get another observing session soon.


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