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• 06/22/12
Friday, June 22nd, 2012
I was blessed with Clear, Moonless skies last weekend, so I headed out to my Astronomy Clubs Dark Sky Site in Wellandport, Ontario.  I had everything all set up, aligned and calibrated by 10:30pm, Ready to Rock.  I had my target picked out and was ready to go (I've always wanted to shoot this target, and I finally got my chance!)  So without further adieu I present.... The Lagoon Nebula!!!
28 x 240" ISO 1600
Stacked with 11 darks at ISO 1600

ES ED80 Triplet w/ WO FF
Orion Mini Guidescope
Meade DSI II
Canon 450d unmodded
Stacked in DSS
Processed in PS CS5
I seem to learn something new everytime I image, this time it was:
  My new William Optics Field Flattener works great:)
  You have to RE-CALIBRATE PHD Guiding after your scope "Switches Sides" on the target (Ive never experienced this before)... Makes sense!
  Dark skies make all the difference (I don't think I can ever image from my backyard again)
 Clear Skies!

On 07/14/12 at 08:52am Larry wrote:
Very nice image! Dark skies do make a huge difference. Hope you continue to have great success with this challenging hobby!

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