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• 01/07/11
Friday, January 7th, 2011
Location: Skiatook,America
Lon/Lat:36.373012 / -95.973478
Equipment: Garrett Gemini 20 x 80 Binocs
Conditions: Clear and Cold
Light Conditions: Dark
Time: 02:00 UTC
Started by looking at the Moon which was under Jupiter to the west (looking south). Moon was in a waxing crescent. Nice view of both lit and dark portions of moon.
Second observation was M42 in the sword of Orion. With the 20 x80's you can see the stars and clouds making up M42. The cloud was white but clear. This was cool!
Third observation was Sirus coming up from the East horizon. Sirus was very bright with blue, red, clearly visible in the Binocs. Sparkling nicely almost to the point of thinking it was a long distance plane. Very bright! There did appear to be some heat coming up causing the twinkling affect but overall very cool!

On 01/21/11 at 12:00am Glen C wrote:
Good viewing.
Thanks for sharing it with us :)

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